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About Us

Our biggest motivation when we set off is that solar energy is a very rich and clean energy source compared to fossil fuels that we use to meet most of our energy needs today and that pollute our air and water and cause global warming. The existence of the sun is the indispensable purest form of the world's inexhaustible energy need.

SH Schindler's quality in Solar Panel production has been tested and approved by TÜV Rheinland according to IEC 2016 norms in its most up-to-date form. SH Schindler's aims to be educated staff, quality oriented and customer satisfaction.

As an innovative company that respects the environment and society, it aims to diversify by producing all kinds of Solar accessories required in the future.

Unfortunately, the conveniences and high living standards brought by our modern century cannot make people happier than in the past. Because while human beings benefit from these blessings, their life has become dependent. Electricity independence will save people from addiction at many points. We will continue to act with the desire to contribute to building a freer and happier future.